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A gigantic plate piled high with Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti and a Meatball, the Ya Buddy Burger, Caesar Salad and bread and butter….oh and dessert too.

Accept the Challenge!

RULES & RESTRICTIONS: ONLY ONE PERSON PER CHALLENGE PLATE. 45 MINUTE TIME LIMIT. IF YOU FINISH YOUR PLATE (AND IT IS LICKED CLEAN TO THE APPROVAL OF OUR WORLD RENOWNED PANEL OF JUDGES.)  You will receive your name on our hall of Tomato Challenge Fame and also receive 25% off future meals (with you and your guests for one year.)
Hall of Shamers receive 10% off for a year.

DISCLAIMER:   We are not responsible for any stretch marks. We will not provide any stretchy waisted pants for you to leave in. You must be responsible for your stomach outbursts and control them to the best of your ability. Eating large amounts of food can be risky, please do so at your own risk. By signing this, you have signed away your rights to sue the Flying Tomato for gaining a pound or two.

Chris is the”Challenge Record Holder” for our first edition of the TOMATO CHALLENGE.
It only took him 14 minutes.